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EEFective Kent Project

The EEFective Kent Project is a four-year partnership between Kent County Council and the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). Both organisations have contributed to a joint funding pot worth £600,000 to support the implementation of evidence-based approaches and interventions in Kent, aiming to support the improvement of educational outcomes for children across the county. Schools can participate in all parts of the project.

There are three parts to the project:

  • Promising Projects
  • Evidence-based Training
  • Developing Research Champions.

The last academic year was anything but normal - the plans for the EEFective Kent Project had to adapt like so many other activities in schools. School leaders and stakeholders told us that the training and projects on offer responded directly to their needs, but that longer application windows would help them. We responded by reopening the booking request window for Evidence-based Training.

Developing Research Champions

This strand of the project is focused on developing evidence-based leadership in Kent and creating a sustainable legacy to ensure the learning from the project is retained. To do this, the EEFective Kent Project Team is working in collaboration with the Kent Association of Headteachers (KAH) to build this work strand. The development of this is ongoing to ensure this strand is complementary to the work already started on KAH’s Research Hubs. This work aims to develop local leadership, including open application processes to designate the following statuses:

  • Kent-wide Evidence Leaders in Education (ELEs)
  • In-school Evidence Champions
  • An Associate Research School for Kent, providing an ongoing link to the EEF which includes access to training and support and acting as a training and support centre for evidence-informed practice.

Kent Associate Research School Appointed

Following the closure of applications for Associate Research School status in Kent we are pleased to announce that Kingsnorth CE Primary School in Ashford has been appointed, further information is available in the announcement from the EEF. Kingsnorth CE Primary School will operate as an associate of Durrington Research School to build a strong network of collaborative, evidence-informed practice across Kent. The Associate Research School is funded jointly by the Education Endowment Foundation and Kent County Council through the EEFective Kent Project.

An Associate Research School works alongside a designated EEF Research Schools as part of the EEF Research School Network and can be a single school, a group of schools or, in some exceptional circumstances, a charitable organisation focused on school improvement (for example, a Teaching School constituted as a charity). With guidance from their designated Research School, Associate Research Schools provide support to other schools in their region to use research evidence to address challenges they may be facing within their settings. This support is provided through advice, signposting to the relevant evidence, training, and the provision of wrap-around support. To do this an Associate Research School receives training and support from their designated Research School.

The EEF and Durrington Research School held on Associate Research School information session in September, this session was recorded and can be accessed on Vimeo

Evidence Leaders in Education (ELE)

The recruitment of ELEs was the first activity under this part of the project. Six ELEs were appointed by the Durrington and Charles Dickens Research Schools. Find out who our new Kent based ELEs are

The role of an ELE is to support the implementation of evidence-informed practice, including providing implementation support for teachers and school leaders who are undertaking any of the Evidence-based Training programmes through the EEFective Kent Project. ELEs have been recruited on a one-year contract; they will continue to work in their own school or organisation but will be deployed to work with other schools for a set number of days per academic year.

Evidence-based Training: New cohort for SEND announced

Bookings have reopened for training on SEND and Learning Behaviours, with a new cohort announced for the week beginning 6 December.

Please be aware that places on all evidence-based training courses are allocated on a first come first served basis. Bookings will close as soon as the cohort is full, however the deadline for new application is Friday 19 November.

SEND and Learning Behaviours is fully funded for eligible Kent schools; the Kent Inclusion Fund is providing 50% match-funding alongside the EEFective Kent Project.

The evidence-based training guide details the new training dates as well as recordings of the taster sessions, funding available and details about the ELE implementation support package.

To request places on these courses your school must complete a booking request form

The EEFective Kent Project provides 50% match-funding towards the core training costs for up to two programmes per school, per round of Evidence-based Training. In addition to this, fully funded wrap-around support will be offered to all participating schools. The training cost is inclusive of places for two teachers.

If you applied for training in 2020-21, you will be eligible to apply for two different courses in 2021-22 and still receive match-funding in any future rounds of training taking place through the EEFective Kent Project. This offer is for publicly funded Kent County Council schools (this includes academies).

Please note that if you have secured match-funding towards a Promising Project, you are also still eligible to receive match-funding towards up to two Evidence-based Training programmes.

Promising Projects

The EEFective Kent Project offered Kent schools and academies 50% match-funding towards a selection of the EEF’s Promising Projects. Promising Projects are approaches with a strong evidence base of improving outcomes that cover a wide range of subjects, some of which are whole school, or class focused and others which are more targeted to respond to specific issues and learning gaps.

Kent schools who participated are introducing Promising Projects to their settings following receiving match-funding from the EEFective Kent Project. The Stour Academy Trust have shared their experience of introducing 1stClass@Number and the impact this has had across their schools in our first case study, First Class Maths at The Stour Academy Trust (PDF, 1.2 MB).

Match-funding is no longer available, but you are still able to contact the providers directly if you would like to engage with their programmes. If you would like to know more about this part of the project, take a look at the Promising Project Prospectus, (PDF, 1.7 MB) which includes an overview of each Promising Project, a summary of evidence and contact details for the Promising Project Providers.

Evaluating the EEFective Kent Project

Help us to understand the different ways in which you are supporting pupil progress.

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES), an independent not-for-profit research organisation, has been appointed to carry out research and evaluation as part of the EEFective Kent Project.

During December 2020, all schools in Kent were invited to take part in a short survey. Thank you to all schools who completed this. The answers provided by all schools who took part are confidential and all survey data is anonymous and will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team at IES. Further details about how data is used in this research can be found in the privacy notice

A formal evaluation of the whole project is taking place. This has been commissioned by the Education Endowment Foundation and will be published at the end of the project.

If you have any questions about the survey or the evaluation, you can contact Ceri Williams, the Project Manager at IES on or Emma Pollard, the Project Director at IES on

Keep in touch and find out more

If you would like to receive regular updates from the EEFective Kent Project Team, including the latest opportunities and funding available to Kent schools and academies, please email and request to be added to the mailing list.


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