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Kent 16 to 19 Review

Kent County Council (KCC) constantly seeks to provide the best education outcomes for people living in its area.

Currently we are focusing on 16 to 19 provision and conducting a full review of 16 to 19 education and training within the county.

Purpose of the Review

The Review aims to improve the options and life chances of Kent’s young people by enhancing the education, skills, and training opportunities available to them.

Using evidence from a range of existing sources and primary research, the Review will develop a clear understanding of the issues facing both young people and providers, enabling KCC to better understand, support, and work with the 16 to 19 sector.

The Review will offer all those involved in 16 to 19 provision in the county a deeper understanding of the sector, and identify and develop strategies to address the challenges facing it.

Our Approach

The Review research team has interviewed:

  • A sample of providers from across the sector (school-based sixth forms, selective and non-selective; further education colleges; work-based and apprenticeship training providers; alternative providers; special schools; and specialist colleges for learners with high levels of additional needs)
  • Some of the young people who attend these provisions
  • Representatives from some of our key partners in higher education, the funding bodies, and the business community, and from KCC.

However, there are only so many people we can speak to directly, therefore, we have also asked people to complete a survey to tell us what they think of 16 to 19 provision in Kent. We have encouraged professionals with experience of working in the Kent sector, any interested party who has insights into the Kent sector, parents or guardians of young people, and young people planning to, or attending, pre-16 and post-16 provision in Kent to participate in our surveys.


The fieldwork to assemble the evidence base for the Review has taken place throughout the Summer Term 2021.  A report will be produced over the course of the Autumn Term, with a view to it being disseminated to the sector and more widely before the end of the year.

Further Information

For further information on the Review, please contact Michelle Stanley (Education Lead Adviser, KCC) and David Lucas (Principal Associate, acl consulting - external advisers to the Review) at