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Labour Market Information

What is labour market information?
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LMI is any quantitative or qualitative facts, analysis or interpretation about the past, present or future structure and workings of the labour market and the factors that influence it.

LMI is needed to inform users about:

  • economic and labour market conditions;
  • education, qualifications, training and skills;
  • current and future demand and supply of labour and jobs; and
  • vacancies and recruitment.

LMI includes both labour market information (descriptive data such as statistics or survey results) and labour market intelligence (analysis, interpretation, conclusions and policy recommendations).

Informed Choice: using data and tools to make career decisions
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Read about how schools use LMI:

This research explores how people use careers information, tools and data to make informed career decisions. This includes:

  • learners from Primary school up to post-16 education (up to 19 years)
  • parents
  • teachers
  • careers guidance professionals.

The report was commissioned by the Department for Education to understand how best to support and target information provision to ensure everyone has sufficient access.

District Economic Profiles
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In order to support schools with LMI, please find below current district economic profiles.

District Data Packs Archive
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These district data packs have in the past been produced by the Skills and Employability Service. Look out for 2018 editions soon.

The packs look at new and old data sets and ask questions about local pathways, their compatibility with the local economy and the support young people receive.

They are important for post-16 learning providers as they contain key issues facing each district and the data they need to review their own provision. They provide the opportunity to improve your own provision by learning from others.

District Data Packs 2015

District Data Packs 2014

District Data Packs 2013