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SEN Inclusion Discussion Paper

Inclusion in our Schools - a countywide discussion, 15 September to 31 October.

Our vision for children and young people with SEND in Kent is that:

  • Children and young people with SEND in Kent feel healthy, happy, safe, supported and as healthy as they can be while they learn and grow.
  • Families can reach the right people at the right time to support their children
  • Services will work with families to improve outcomes and achievements for children and young people with SEND.

To achieve these ambitions requires strong collaboration between all partners. Work is ongoing to develop the new SEND Strategy which will encompass all areas of SEND systems and processes. As part of this work we are launching a countywide discussion on Inclusion in our schools. In this discussion, we are keen to understand the specific strategies which support inclusive practices within our schools and how KCC and schools might work together to develop a shared understanding of the improvements that are needed and the necessary support that is required to achieve them is in place.

Please complete the questionnaire online or complete a word version of the questionnaire document (DOCX, 38.6 KB) and email back to

The paper invites thoughts and comment on several interrelated items:

  • Statement of Inclusion
  • Inclusion Framework
  • Mainstream Core Standards (MCS)
  • System Leadership of Inclusion
  • Inclusion Dashboard
  • Parent Voice
  • Characteristics of an Inclusive School.

Each of these conversations and proposals are in the early stages of development and are presented to gather your views and comments. In the paper, each section includes ‘pathway of proposals’ which outlines where the topics have been formulated and discussed or shared previously.

We would like to encourage debate through as many existing forums as possible including Headteacher networks, KAH meetings, IYFA panels, Inclusion Steering Groups. If you would like a KCC Officer to attend to talk through the proposals with your group please email Julie Hawkins at We will also be hosting four virtual discussion workshops at the beginning of October; full details can be found in the paper.