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Best Practice Guidance (BPG) for the Early Years

Getting to know your Early Years Best Practice Guidance. Free and easy to follow e-learning now available.

Best Practice Guidance: Supporting Children in their Early Years, A Guide for Families (PDF, 808.5 KB). New colour leaflet available for download.

Best Practice Guidance for the Early Years (BPG) has been developed by professionals within Kent to offer advice and guidance to Early Years practitioners in supporting all children, including those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), to achieve their potential.

The document has two purposes:

  • The opportunity to evaluate inclusive practice in general
  • The identification of specific strategies that can be used to support individual children or groups of children.

The BPG is for all early years providers and practitioners working with young children. The document provides an overview of the underpinning knowledge and understanding required to meet the needs of all children at universal, targeted and personalised levels.

The BPG document and associated Audit Tools (see below) are embedded in Kent's SEND processes. All referrals for advice and Specialist Teacher involvement come through the EY LIFT process with the expectation that BPG audit tools will accompany the referral.

  • Each Kent provider should have a free hard copy of this new version
  • Further copies can be purchased for £20 through The Education People

BPG Audit Tools - updated September 2019:

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