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Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Application and funding forms for the HAF Programme.

Pleased find the application form (DOCX, 196.8 KB), application form guidance notes (DOCX, 196.1 KB) and information (DOCX, 198.0 KB) for the Summer 2021 HAF Programme delivery. To support your application, information regarding the elements of the HAF Programme are detailed below.

There are several elements to providing the full HAF Programme offer. As the COVID-19 restrictions are eased, the expectation is that all programme partners will be able to offer the full programme. The provision that you agree to offer will be monitored by the HAF Programme Team and details of monitoring and evaluation procedures will be sent in due course.

The information below outlines the elements required for all HAF Programme applicants:

Element 1 - Food

There is an expectation that at least one healthy, balanced meal a day will be provided. There is no requirement for the meals to all be hot, but hot meals are encouraged where possible. The meals must meet School Food Standards. All food provided as part of the HAF Programme must comply with regulations on food preparation and consider allergies and dietary requirements and preferences as well as any religious or cultural requirements for food.

Element 2 - Enriching and physical activities

Clubs must provide fun and enriching activities that provide children with opportunities to develop new skills or knowledge which are age appropriate. They must provide activities which meet the Physical Activity Guidelines on a daily basis.

Element 3 - Nutritional education

Clubs must include an element of nutritional education each day aimed at improving the knowledge and awareness of healthy eating for children.

Element 4 - Food education for families and carers

Clubs must include at least weekly training and advice for parents, carers, or family members on how to source nutritional food and prepare and cook low-cost nutritious meals.

Element 5 - Signposting and referrals

Clubs must be able to provide information, signposting or referrals to other services and support that would benefit the children who attend their provision and their families. This may include, but is not limited to, information about Citizen’s Advice, debt and financial education, healthcare professionals, family support services, housing support officers, and Jobcentre Plus.

Additional information and support documents for all current and potential Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme partners are now available. We hope that these will assist you in your application and preparation for becoming a HAF Programme partner. Each document below provides further detailed information of the key HAF Programme elements.

Please watch our HAF Programme Introduction video conducted by the HAF Programme Advisers. We hope that this informative webinar will support your planning and delivery of the HAF Programme.

We are also including a short clip from one of our Easter delivery partners, sharing their experiences of running the Programme.

Please contact us at if you have any further questions about the HAF Programme for summer 2021. We are kindly asking for all applications to be received by Friday 25 June.