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Equality and Inclusion Team


Equality and Inclusion (E and I) Team
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The Equality and Inclusion Team provide a programme of advice, support and training to promote and enable equal and inclusive provision for every child to support positive outcomes.

Access Kent funded (free) inclusion support from E and I for the following:

  • pre-Early Years Local Inclusion Forum Team (EY LIFT) advice and support including use of Best Practice Guidance and associated paperwork
  • advice for a newly appointed Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  • discussion regarding appropriate referral routes and multi agency paperwork
  • post-EY LIFT support including modelling of multi agency strategies.

Use the electronic request form to request support.

Childminders seeking support should complete the Childminder SEND support request form (DOCX, 52.1 KB) and email it to

Please see The Education People website for details of

Equality and Inclusion

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