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Update School Email Addresses with the DfE

Please ensure that the email address that the DfE hold for your school is correct.

The DfE regularly send out email bulletins and ad hoc urgent alerts to all the educational organisations on their database. For example they are currently sending schools updates and advice on the Coronavirus outbreak.

Their database is called the Get Information About Schools or GIAS database, and comprises key information about all schools, colleges and other educational organisations in the country. In the past, you would get regular reminders to update or validate your data, but since the move to DfE Sign-in, you no longer get these regular reminders and as a result, gaps have appeared in the data.

Don’t miss out on urgent alerts

If you're not the person responsible for completing the GIAS data for your school or college, please forward this email to your head, administrator or office manager.

If you are responsible, then check and update your school email address. Login to your school record on GIAS through DfE Sign In, select ‘Edit details’, update the email address and any other details that need updating, then select ‘Save details’. You can then be sure that your school or college will receive all the information and messages that are necessary to keep you fully informed.

Full GIAS user guides are available here

Don't miss out on email bulletins

As well as updating GIAS, you can subscribe to the DfE Teacher Bulletin. The Bulletin goes to all GIAS contacts but also to any individual teachers who have signed up to receive it. This means you can have a standard or shared email address on GIAS (e.g. head@school or admin@school) but also get emails sent to your individual school address too.