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Children get active, help save the planet and win an amazing reward!

Children win a visit from Steven Vinicour - author of the Time Travelling Toilet - for their amazing achievements in the Walk Once a Week programme!

The children of Eagles class, Gateway Primary School in Dartford were rewarded with a visit from a very special guest, Steven Vinacour a writer, producer and director of nearly 20 years whose portfolio of work includes TV specials for Channel 4, ITV, Disney, Living and Sky.

Which all sounds very impressive but all the children wanted to know about was his series of children’s books – “Ted and His Time Travelling Toilet” and Steven didn’t disappoint them; in fact he brought along his very own time travelling toilet that he built himself!

But it wasn’t just about getting the inside gen on the next of Ted’s adventures, Steven got the children working as well by getting them to come up with their very own whacky stories with the days outcome a new adventure for Ted that involved zombies!

Eagle class won the visit as a prize for being involved in the KM Charity Team’s Walk Once a Week (WOW) programme; the initiative that encourages parents and carers to leave the car at home at least once a week and walk, ride or park and stride to school.

WOW is a simple and fun way for children to learn about how they can help the environment, encourage exercise to help tackle issues such as childhood obesity, promote community cohesion by getting parents and carers involved, easing traffic and congestion around the school gates and possibly most importantly helping to lower harmful emissions too many of our children are breathing in every day.

There is also an element of friendly competition with classes all vying to win the weekly trophy and for schools across Kent and Medway to win experience days like the Steven Vinicour visit!

On the nominated day all of the green journeys completed are recorded and the winning or even the most improved class are awarded that week’s trophy. At the end of each month a special prize is given to a nominated school.

Mike Ward, CEO of KM Charity Team said “It’s such a simple thing that can make such a huge difference in so many ways. If nothing else it really does introduce children at an early age of the importance of lowering our emissions and thinking a bit greener – and it’s their future after all so they should be involved.”

Any school in Kent and Medway can join in and have the chance to make a real difference and win some great prizes, just visit the KM Charity Team website for further information.