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A&S Landscape donates over £15,000 to schools across the UK

A&S Landscape supports schools across the UK by donating second-hand, overstocked and end of the line equipment to schools.

A&S Landscape supports schools across the UK, by founding the Community Recycle Scheme, which donates second-hand, overstocked and end of the line equipment to schools.

The Shrewsbury-based company donated over £15,000 (£16,250) worth of products to 43 schools across the country to help support the educational sector during these difficult cost of living times.

Price was not an issue as they gifted primary schools and secondary schools coverings worth up to £1,500 to ensure that children were able to learn in a safe and secure facility. However, canopies were not the only item which was in demand from headteachers as post pads, polycarbonate sheets and fence panels which cost £100 to £450 were required to ensure primary schools had open space for young children to play outdoors.

St Helena’s CE Primary School is a small village school with gradually diminishing finances and had been planning on raising funds to add shade to the nursery playground.

Headteacher, Sue Belton from St Helena’s CE Primary School discusses how this year has affected the school’s fundraising plans:

“We had just opened a nursery attached to our school and the children loved going outside, playing and learning together but this wasn’t safe without any shade. A shade sail was the next item our PTA was going to start raising funds for but of course our summer fair, bingo and film nights were in total jeopardy.”

“The nursery remained open during lockdown and the shade sail has been such a treat for the children and so exciting for other pupils who have returned in September. ”

The decision to create this initiative came during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. As school canopy specialists, A&S Landscape knew first-hand that schools would have little to no budget to make vital improvements to their site during this troubling time.

By donating unneeded stock, they dramatically reduced the number of materials which wouldn't have been recycled by the council as it would have gone into a landfill. To help reduce the amount of wastage, they found a way to give back to the community and help the environment at the same time by donating these materials to sites which needed help.

The mission to continue being eco-friendly hasn’t stopped just there as the company plans to continue running this community recycling scheme to help encourage other businesses to make greener choices to help protect the planet.

A&S Landscape shared why recycling stock has helped reduce carbon footprint:

"We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our waste and carbon footprint, and this scheme allowed us to make a difference in more ways than one. Although the Community Recycle Scheme is a newly founded initiative, we have been overwhelmed in the response and requests for stock."

The Community Recycle scheme has received some fantastic feedback from the participating schools with many commenting on the importance of donations and how this recycling scheme has improved their school facilities.

Headteacher, Helen Webb from Colwall C of E Primary School comments on how challenging the budget has been for the school:

“Our school building was condemned in 2014 and after spending four years as a ‘portacabin school’ we finally moved into a new building. While the building is beautiful there was no money for furniture, IT or outside provision.”

“We are very grateful for the shade sail donated to us, which has enhanced our outside space and provided us with much-needed shade.”