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Transitions in the early years

During their early years journey, children and their families typically move through different environments, for example:

  • from home to a childminder;
  • from a childminder to a nursery or pre-school;
  • from one room to another within a nursery;
  • from a pre-school to a reception class at school.

Such transitions are not single events. They are processes that need mindful information exchanges and careful planning in order to support the emotional wellbeing, inclusion and learning of all children and their families.

The Transitions templates and related guidance have been devised to facilitate transition processes in the early years. Completed from the child’s perspective, and involving all those who know them best, these documents provide a framework for sharing all relevant information, so as children move on, those who welcome them next have a clear picture of their interests and fascinations, their learning and development journey so far and any additional information to help planning any adjustments/support as required.

My Unique Transition

The My Unique Transition templates can be used by early years professionals in the current setting/childminder/room together with the family to support transitions from one childcare and education environment to another, including Reception.

My First Transition

The My First Transition template can be used by early years professionals together with the family when a child first starts at a new setting/childminder to supplement existing admission information.

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