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Special Educational Needs Inclusion Fund (SENIF)

Important Update

Please note that the SENIF Request forms and have all been updated in line with the advice given at The Improving Outcomes workshops and feedback received from Professionals at the SENIF Review meetings that have been held recently.
The expectation is that these revised forms should be used immediately, wherever possible, but certainly by September 2018 when any old paperwork submitted will be returned.

SEN Inclusion Funding (SENIF) is a statutory requirement made available by KCC to enable settings supporting pre-school children with Special Educational Needs to secure better outcomes:

  • when attending a Kent setting, childminder, or out of hours provider and SENIF criteria is met
  • when the child does not have an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • for a maximum of 30 hours per week pro rata on attendance and eligibility
  • when in receipt of Nursery Education Entitlement for three and four year olds.

It is non statutory to provide this funding for eligible two year olds in receipt of Nursery Education Entitlement but Kent will continue to fund support for these children up to a maximum of 15 hours.

How do settings apply for SENIF?
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In order to apply for SENIF settings must complete the following documents and submit them using secure email to and copy in the district specialist teacher or the Portage team (if they are the only education professionals involved) on

If you are unable to open/use the drop down boxes in any of the documents above please download and complete these versions instead:

Sensory SENIF Applications

For sensory applications (HI, VI and MSI) where a specialist teacher is involved please supply the Specialist Teacher report instead of completing the Best Practice Guidance Audit Tool.

Children with a final Education, Health and Care Plan

For children with a final EHCP that already have a current SENIF agreement in place there is no action required.

For children issued with a final Education Health and Care Plan who do not already have SENIF in place, please email the County SEN Inclusion Funding Officer on for further advice on how to apply.

Other SENIF Documents
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Specialist Nursery Placements
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Please note requests for Specialist Nursery placements should be submitted via the district Specialist Teacher or the Portage Practitioner, copied to the SEN Inclusion Fund Officer by the termly deadline. These requests will then be considered at the termly MAP meeting for each district.

Deferred Entry to Primary Provision 2018
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Continuation of SENIF in some instances will be considered for a school age child where it is parental preference to defer their child’s entry to primary provision and remain in a pre-school setting. For further information please contact the County SEN Inclusion Funding Officer by emailing

Contact Details
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Please email your SENIF requests and supporting documents securely to

If you are unable to email the documents securely please send them using recorded delivery to:

FAO: County SEN Inclusion Funding Officer, Kroner House, Eurogate Business Park, Ashford TN24 8XU