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Youth Hubs

The work delivered through open access Youth Hubs, Children's Centres and other settings is critical to achieving positive outcomes for children, young people and their families, and incorporates a range of key services. A key benefit of integrating Youth Work and Children's Centres in the same service is that we can identify and build synergies between them as they work together more closely to provide open access services.

Targeted work in open access settings ensures greater prevention as early as possible to ensure well-being for all. It is also essential as part of the support package for the cases stepped down from Specialist Children's Services and to ensure improvements are maintained without the necessity for long term casework.

Youth Work promotes the personal, social and educational development of young people, and enables them to develop their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential.

Youth Work is based on the needs of young people. It is critical that: 

  • Young people are central to the planning and delivery of youth work
  • Young people choose to be involved (voluntary commitment)
  • Youth workers value young people for who they are now
  • Youth Work is founded on a relational and associational way of working with young people
  • Youth Work recognises young people as a partner in the learning process
  • Youth Work complements formal education, promoting young people's access to learning opportunities which enables them to fulfil their potential.

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