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Early help and preventative services

Our Vision and Priorities

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"The vision of the Early Help and Preventative Services (EHPS) is that every child and young person, from pre-birth to age 25, and their family, who needs early help services will receive them in a timely and responsive way, so that they are safeguarded, their educational, social and emotional needs are met and they achieve good outcomes. The service works to ensure that children and young people contribute positively to their communities and are actively engaged in learning and employment to achieve adult wellbeing and independence."

Children, young people and families should be able to access the right services at the right time in the right place.  We aim to place them at the heart of everything we do, working in a more integrated way and avoiding, where possible, lack of coordination or wasteful duplication.

EHPS aims to target early help services for the most vulnerable children, young people and families with complex needs who require additional and intensive support, with a focus on delivering better outcomes. The service will also make a significant difference in reducing demand for statutory Specialist Children's Services (SCS) and to help step-down SCS cases where it is safe to do so.

Kent's Strategy and Three Year Plan

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The Early Help and Preventative Services Strategy and Three Year Plan draws together evidence over the last year of early help and preventative work in Kent. It also draws on national policy, research and evidence of practice with the most promising outcomes. The strategy is underpinned by four principles, that we believe impact on best practice, which run throughout all service delivery and four work strands which provide a priority work focus for the next three years and aim to achieve our strategic vision and outcomes.

Key Principles

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  • We involve children, young people and families
  • We strive to improve life chances and build family resilience by using the strengths of families
  • Decisions are informed by professional judgement and the working relationship with the child and family
  • We ensure that all service delivery and commissioned provision is outcome-focused and informed by evidence-based practice, performance data and evaluation.

Key Work Strands

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  • Ensure a whole system approach across the range of Early Help and Preventative services in Kent
  • Develop effective family focused practice approaches
  • Support good health and emotional well-being
  • Promote educational and vocational achievement.

Further Information
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