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Kent Portage

Portage is a home visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional needs. Portage supports each child through planned play activities, using small achievable steps linked to the child’s interest and development

Portage Home Visitors organise weekly Drop in and Play groups at locations across Kent, so that Families have the opportunity to meet while the children are able to socialise and generalise skills developed at home.

Portage visits are weekly or fortnightly in the child’s home, play activities are left each visit for the family to practice, at the next visit the activities are reviewed to see how the child has responded and achievements celebrated.

Activities are linked to the long term aims that are planned with families using the Kent Portage checklist. Portage home visitors work in partnership with families, Portage recognises that parents are the best people to teach their child and so relies on parental involvement in both the planning and carrying out of the child's learning development goals and activities

Portage offers a carefully structured but flexible approach to help parents become effective teachers of their own children.

What does Portage offer?
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A person who will:

  • Visit weekly or fortnightly at home
  • Listen and develop ideas which grow from a shared knowledge of your child's development
  • Breakdown activities into small steps to ensure your child’s successful learning
  • Help you to record your child's progress regularly
  • Work in conjunction with other support agencies
  • Help you to liaise with nurseries and other settings at the start of education.

Working in partnership with families
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Using the Kent Portage Checklist linked to the EYFS, Portage helps children to develop their:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical skills
  • Social and self-help skills
  • Sensory skills and an ability to explore through play
  • Imagination
  • Understanding of the world.

Kent Portage service is registered with the National Portage Association.

How to make a referral to Kent Portage
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Contact Details
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