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Don’t Do Nothing!

The VRU are delighted to launch a strong marketing campaign called Don’t Do Nothing! This campaign is aimed at young people about being an active bystander.

The campaign highlights three main themes:

  • bullying
  • domestic abuse
  • knife crime.

Created in partnership between the police, local councils, health service providers and other key agencies, the launch of this campaign aligns with anti-bullying week and Kent Police’s Operation Sceptre (a week of intensified activity to tackle knife crime). At the end of November, we shall also be promoting the domestic abuse content to coincide with White Ribbon and 16 Days of Action against domestic abuse.

Based on ‘the behaviour we ignore, is the behaviour we accept’ - "Don’t Do Nothing!" is a campaign that has been developed by young people for young people with the purpose of promoting the importance of being an active bystander. Active Bystander Approach highlights options which are available to help prevent harm from happening and what they can do to help someone who may be in trouble or in distress without putting themselves at risk.

Three impactful videos highlighting scenarios from these three themes have been designed to demonstrate consequences of inaction. Focus groups with young people across Kent and Medway and the use of young actors from the Kent School of Performing Arts helped shape this campaign including its title. "Don’t Do Nothing!" brings the message of "Step up. Say something. Tell someone" which in turns promotes the Active Bystander Approach of how and why to take action when safe to do so.

The materials are designed to help raise awareness and instigate meaningful discussions of the active bystander approach. To improve confidence in young people as to how they can positively influence social change. Ultimately developed with young people for young people with a view of them becoming advocates of how to be an Active Bystander. Advice for young people and full resource pack for teachers and other professionals working with young people can be found at the Don't Do Nothing website which is live as of Wednesday 15 November 2023. Social media assets are also available.

Please do support this campaign within PHSE lessons and youth work sessions to talk about these issues and how all individuals can play a role in the active bystander approach.