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Winter Planning Guidance for Schools in Kent 2021-22

“Schools should, wherever possible, stay open in severe weather. They play a key role in their communities and by staying open help both their pupils and parents.” - Department for Education

Every winter brings the possibility of snow and ice. Extreme bad weather can cause widespread and prolonged disruption. Schools are often affected and it can be difficult to maintain an education service.

The Winter Planning Guidance (DOCX, 189.7 KB) provides advice for Headteachers about the risks that schools may face, some preventative strategies and advice on how to communicate a school closure to parents, stakeholders and the Local Authority.

The aim of the guidance is to be a useful touchstone and offer reassurance that acting reasonably and applying sound risk assessment principles will enable Headteachers to determine risks and to confidently make the best decisions for schools.

If you have any queries please contact your Area Education Officer.