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Try Angle Awards 2020 - Nominations now open

Do you know a young person who really tries to do their best?

Have you noticed examples of perseverance, excellence or exceptional achievements from a young person during the difficult period of COVID-19 lockdown this year?

If so, nominate them for a Try Angle award, so they can gain the recognition they deserve! The Try Angle Awards, which are in their 26th year, recognize and reward the outstanding efforts and achievements of young people and groups who really try their best whether at school, work, college, in business or in their wider community across Kent, often with little recognition and in difficult circumstances.

We welcome nominations for individual young people or groups aged 11 to 18 years (or 11 to 25 for young people with additional needs) who really try their best within one of these eight nomination categories:

  • Arts - for personal achievement in arts, in any form.
  • Music - for achievement in music, in any form.
  • Sport or Outdoor Activities - demonstrating fair play and commitment in any sport or outdoor activity.
  • Community Action - marking a contribution made to a community e.g. school councils, youth forums, charity work, environmental project and campaigns.
  • Good Friends and Young Carers - recognising those who spend time being a good friend, mentor or carer to another in their family or community.
  • Personal Development - for special achievement in education, training or other activities, making changes to improve.
  • Courage - recognising acts of courage displayed with coping bravely with illness or other adversity.
  • Positive Intervention - where an individual or group has prevented harm, bullying, discrimination or damage.

Anyone can nominate a young person for an award. All nominees will receive a certificate and many go on to our District Awards events and Spirit of Try Angle Awards which will take place in early 2021.

The deadline for this year’s nominations is 30 November. For more information and to nominate a young person or group please go to the Try Angle website