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SmarterPlay - App for Families in Kent

SmarterPlay is a new resource from Kent County Council to give families in Kent access to ideas, resources and locations to explore with their children.

With up-to-date information from a range of locations and in-app tools, SmarterPlay offers families ideas and information to enhance young children’s learning and experiences - literally at their fingertips

Features of the SmarterPlay app include:

  • Regular weekly pop-ups, related to age of child, on fun ideas and activities to promote early learning related to the EYFS Development Matters statements
  • Information and links to useful websites covering:
    • Special Moments - the importance of bonding and attachment
    • Movers and Shakers - the importance of physical activities
    • Again, Again & Again - recognising and understanding schemas
    • Relating to Others - the importance of forming relationships – social and emotional development
    • Tips for Talking - supporting and encouraging children’s ability to talk
    • Exciting Explorations - the wonders of playing with every day and non-expensive items
    • Rest, Routines and Relaxation - the importance of ensuring adequate rest and regular routines
  • Making Memories - capture and annotate special moments, significant learning. Families could be encouraged to share these with their school or childcare provider and add to their children’s Learning Journeys - a useful tool to support meaningful and individual planning.
  • Family Friendly Places (geo-located) to visit including:
    • Parks
    • Children’s Centres
    • Zoos
    • Pre-schools/nurseries/childminders
    • Nappy changing facilities
    • Schools
    • Libraries
    • Farms
  • Choosing Childcare? Guidance on what to consider when selecting childcare
  • Information on local early years providers and schools including link to Ofsted website for latest Ofsted inspection reports
  • Free Childcare - access to information on funding and relevant forms
  • Did You Know? - an interactive quiz for families highlighting the importance of supporting children’s development, wellbeing and safety in a fun and inspiring way
  • An audio function for families with English as an additional language or literacy difficulties.

SmarterPlay app is totally free and available for iOS (version 7 or above) and Android.

For more information please signpost parents, carers and families to visit their app store.