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School Term Dates for 2022/23 - Kent County Council Consultation

Kent County Council (KCC) is consulting on school term and holiday date patterns and we would like to know your views on the proposed dates for the academic year 2022/23.

The calendar with the proposed dates can be viewed on the School Term Dates for 2022/23 consultation website

KCC is responsible for setting term dates for community and voluntary controlled schools, while governing bodies of foundation and voluntary aided schools are responsible for setting their own term dates. Academies (and free schools) have the freedom to change the length of terms.

Following the recent announcement that the Government is looking at the possibility of shortening the summer holiday and moving to a five-term school year, it is possible that the proposed term dates for 2022-23 may have to be altered following determination, if the Government change its guidance. In this instance, any alternations to term dates would therefore be out of KCC’s control.