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School Public Health Update March 2019

Please share this with your School Nurse. Health, Awareness, Prevention and Intervention (HAPI).

Do you know about HAPI?  

HAPI is a health, wellbeing, lifestyle and behaviour screening questionnaire for parents, children and young people as part of The Lancaster Model (TLM).

The survey helps your local NHS School Public Health team to gain a ‘snapshot’ of the health profiles of children in your school. Every school has the opportunity to take part and it is currently offered to Year R (parents), Year 6 and Year 10 (pupils).

The survey finds out if children have any unmet health needs; are concerned about aspects of their lifestyle or behaviour which is impacting on their physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing; or if they are a young carer needing additional support.

Your school will receive a unique report which can help you develop and improve health and wellbeing through the whole school approach to plan your PSHE sessions or get extra support from the NHS School Public Health team.

For more information please visit The Lancaster Model website

If you would like to take part, please contact our team in the Single Point of Access on 0300 1234496 who will arrange for a member of the School Public Health team to contact you.


Our Public Health Assistants are currently in schools in South and East Kent carrying out hearing and vision screening for Reception classes. Schools in West Kent are being contacted to book dates for after the Easter holidays. Our Schedule Coordinators will be in touch and will provide you with the relevant paperwork to share with parent and carers. Schools in the North part of the county and the Swale area will be scheduled in later in the year.

If any child or young person in Year R or Year 6 were absent for the NCMP check, these will be picked up where possible whilst our PHA’s are in school undertaking the screening.


We can offer assurances that all School Public Health staff carrying out the NCMP, screening, drop ins, clinics or immunisation programmes have the relevant DBS clearance and therefore, by wearing the KCHFT photo ID badge, will not need to provide additional confirmation when on site in schools.


Our Chathealth texting service for the 11 to 19 age group is proving to be a popular option with our young people in Kent. Chathealth is a confidential service where young people can have direct contact with a member of the School Public Health Team by text with the offer of face to face support if needed around a range of public health topics. We would appreciate if you could ensure students are aware of this aspect of the service which is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. The number is 07520 618850.

The School Public Health Service would like to thank our partners in education for their continued support to our service delivery this term to ensure the children and young people in Kent in mainstream education have access to the school public health offer.

If you have concerns about a child’s health, wellbeing or development, please do not hesitate to contact our team on the details below.

Contact Details

Phone number: 0300 1234496

The Kent Youth Health website is available to all young people for advice, information and access to support.