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Review of Personal Education Plan (PEP) for EYFS and KS1 to KS4

The Kent PEP for EYFS and KS1 to KS4 has been reviewed and updated.

You will begin to see the new form being used from December onwards. We have not made any huge changes but have listened to feedback from all our partner agencies, VSK staff and the young people on whose behalf we record this information for.

Some of the changes include:

  • the new form being delegated in more sections so that individual parts can be returned if necessary without the whole document needing to be sent through the portal multiple times. This increases the likelihood of some of the data being corrupted, so we hope to see less data loss and less frustration!
  • the removal of some of the free text boxes, some entries made mandatory, options in the drop down boxes revised and spaces for test results to be included e.g. year 4 tables test.
  • the inclusion of a running record of attainment across the key stages, as this will greatly assist us in monitoring a child’s progress.

We really hope you will approve of the changes, but if there are any issues please contact your lead VSK officer. If you have any comments or feedback on the new form, please feel free to email We would appreciate hearing your feedback.