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Reconnect: Kent Children and Young People Programme

A funding opportunity that is available for schools.

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Kent County Council is looking to fund community-based organisations to deliver additional activities, initiatives and opportunities as part of the Reconnect: Kent Children and Young People Programme. To move this forward quickly, funding has been given to the 12 district based Local Children’s Partnership Groups (LCPGs) to enable them to provide grants to local organisations to deliver against the following two priorities:

  1. Immediate support for children and young people to help with recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. A programme of activities, opportunities and support for children and young people throughout Summer 2021.

The funding must be used to provide additional activities and opportunities for children and young people, and should not be used to cover costs for existing activities or budget pressures. Activities outlined in funding bids should not already be funded through other sources.

Small grass-roots organisations (including schools) can apply for up to £1,000. All applications will be assessed by LCPGs. Applications can be submitted using the online form. The deadline for applications is Sunday 27 June. If you apply, you must state which LCPG you are applying to. Please note that no organisation can exceed three applications per LCPG.

The first part of the application process is an eligibility check. Depending on your answers you may be told you are eligible to apply for up to £5,000. Unfortunately this is not the case, so please don’t get your hopes up! Larger community providers, not including schools, are able to apply for grants up to £5,000. These groups will be using the same application process for speed and simplicity.

Please contact if you have any questions.

School contact point

Just a reminder, if you want Reconnect information to go to a mailbox other than that which KCC normally uses when contacting schools, please send contact details for your school to

Volunteers to support schools

Kent-Teach is assisting us with sourcing volunteers to support schools to find volunteers to help with their summer programmes or ongoing efforts to help pupils. The Kent-Teach website has a section enabling Reconnect School Volunteers to register. If your school is interested in recruiting volunteers please complete the simple request form that will provide the team with your contact details and the number of volunteers you require. Once your form has been submitted, a member of the Kent-Teach team will make contact with you to let you know if they currently have any volunteers in your area and provide you with their details. You can then contact the volunteer to discuss volunteering with your school. You will need to conduct all necessary DBS checks to ensure the safeguarding of children.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like to speak to a member of the Programme Team, please email

David Adams
Reconnect Programme Director