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Placements for ITTE at Canterbury Christ Church University

We still have very strong recruitment for our ITTE courses at Canterbury Christ Church University, across primary and secondary.

We still need to place a number of student teachers, particularly in primary. Our placements are due to commence very soon, and it is essential that we secure school settings for these students as soon as possible.

We are asking for your help with securing good quality placements for these student teachers.

If you would be new to the partnership, then we can support you to be ready for the receipt of a student/s through our schedule of online training over this and next month. You would also be able to call on a link tutor for further guidance and support. We have a dedicated mentor website where all of the resources are to help you and your teams to engage with the course materials and expectations. Our curriculum design is innovative and will support you and your colleagues in school to secure high quality learning and development opportunities for the student teachers and your mentors.

We match the student teachers based on their subjects or phase needs, their home addresses, and their access to transportation. Our partners reliably make offers to support our course each year, but we might not always be able to match a student to the school. Reasons such as, access to particular key stage or subject, limited transportation, too far from their home address, former student of the school, they have children at the school etc. It’s a complicated puzzle.


We really need some more offers for terms 3 to 4 in primary, and still a few more for 1 to 2 (multiple courses and year groups). There are a great number of students in the Thanet, Dover, Folkestone and Canterbury areas, so if you are in these areas, or commutable from these areas the please get in touch with the primary placements team urgently. We are still looking for placements outside of these areas as well.


We still need a few more offers in certain subjects. Most notable are History and Social Sciences, then Science, Maths and English. These are spread all over the county, but a number of them are in the Thanet area. Spanish is also a specific area of MFL where are looking for additional placements.

Please contact the secondary placements team if you think you might be able to offer one or more of these subjects at your school.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, please do make contact if you are keen to find out more. We are on a tight schedule for some of the placements.

Contact Details

Emily Walker-Smith, School Director of Partnerships, School of Teacher Education, Canterbury Christ Church University