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Pensions re-enrolment - 3 June 2019

KCC is required by law to automatically re-enrol all qualifying staff including those in KCC maintained schools into the pension scheme every three years.

KCC’s re-enrolment date is 3 June 2019. Your school will be writing to those workers affected, to advise how the re-enrolment regulations affect you.

Qualifying criteria:

  • You earn over £192 per week (£833 per month or £10,000 pa);
  • You are aged 22 or over; and
  • You are under state pension age.

You can opt out of the pension scheme if you want to, but if you stay in you will have your own personal pension when you retire. Your pension will belong to you, even if you leave us in the future. If you choose not to join, you must complete an opt-out form

If you are in the 50/50 section of the Local Government Pension Scheme you will be re-enrolled into the main section and will have to re-apply to go back into the 50/50 section.

Remember, we will have to repeat the process of signing you up, every 3 years, and you will have the chance to opt out each time.

Please be aware that those meeting the qualifying criteria will be emailed during the week beginning the 6 May and prompt action must be taken.

For more in-depth information please see our Pensions re-enrolment page