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Fuel Support Scheme

We are pleased to inform you that the Fuel Costs Support Voucher scheme is now available to Kent residents, in partnership with Green Doctors.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused significant financial implications to families and individuals across the country. Financial recovery from the pandemic will take some time. The funding from the Household Support Grant will support families and individuals with vouchers that can be used with pre-payment meters to help towards their fuel bills, and essential items throughout the coming winter months. The pandemic has resulted in many people spending more time at home due to their situation, whether continuing to work from home or losing their job during the pandemic, resulting in an increase of fuel costs.

The purpose of the grant is to support families and individuals with a fuel voucher towards their energy bill to alleviate some of the financial pressure during this challenging time.

About the scheme

Applicants can apply for up to three vouchers towards heating bills (must have a top-up meter) or essential items such as:

  • boiler repairs
  • temporary heaters
  • thick curtains
  • blankets

(at the discretion of district and borough council officers).

Evidence needed

For payments towards heating bills, or high-cost support, such as boiler repairs, applicants may need to provide proof of income. We won’t need proof of income for support towards items such as blankets or curtains.


Any applicants must:

  • be aged 16 or over
  • have a household income less than £30,000
  • have no savings or support from other sources
  • live in Kent (if they pay Council Tax to Medway Council, they’ll need to contact Medway’s Local Welfare Provision scheme).

You need to check that the applicant has suffered a loss of income as a direct result of COVID-19.  (For example, being put on furlough, reduced trade or business, increased heating bills by working from home).

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

Make a referral

Referrals can only be made by professionals or trusted partners. Please visit the Green Doctors website or call 0800 233 5255 for further information or to make a referral.

Referrals can no longer be made following the 31 March 2022 deadline.