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Free rail safety assemblies and workshops available to all schools

During 2023 three children were tragically killed, injured or suffered life changing injuries from being on the railway tracks across the railway network.

Network Rail logoIt seems likely in all these terrible accidents that the children did not understand the risk of the railway.

We are therefore appealing for your help in educating your young people about these risks so that they stay safe around the rail network.

We want to get three simple messages across.

  1. Being on the railway tracks is extremely dangerous.
  2. Trains can run at any time of the day and night even when not shown on the timetable, or on station information displays, or online.
  3. On our route, which is the Kent route, we have overhead lines as well as train tracks that are powered by “third rail” which carries 750w of electricity. This is always live even when there are no trains running.

As a rail industry we do a lot to promote awareness of the risks associated with the railway. We can deliver sessions to Primary and Secondary school children. We also provide access to educational films explaining the dangers of the rail network if you take any risks. These are offered at no costs to all schools.

Primary schools can have assemblies suitable for all age groups then 45 minute workshops aimed at year 5 and 6.

Secondary schools take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

We also have a facility at Margate train station where we have built a train station in a room and it gives children a close-up view of how the railway works, all free including train travel to and from the venue. Find out more on the Network Rail website

Keeping everyone safe when travelling on the railway is our top priority and we really need your help to spread these very important safety messages.

Please see the Travel Safe, Travel Smart brochure (PDF, 688.1 KB) for further information.

If you would like to book something in or get more information, please contact Nicola Dooris at or call 07713 302191.