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Feedback February 2019

The Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit are seeking feedback.

For the month of February 2019 the Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit that includes the Local Authority Designated Officer for children (LADO), Customer Care, Independent Reviewing Officers and Child Protection Chairs service are seeking feedback from children and young people; and their families, professionals and partner agencies who make a referral to us or attend meetings chaired by these services. Your views are important to us and it will assist us in better understanding the quality of the services that we provide.

The LADO Service values your feedback as it will help us to learn and improve the way in which we respond and assist in the management of allegations against staff ensuring that any plans or actions are clear and outcome focused.

We would be grateful if you could spend some time completing the feedback form which will be sent to you via email by the LADO Service Contact and Referral Officers.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. The outcome of all of this feedback will be collated, analysed and published by the end of March for you to see how we are doing and what we plan to do to improve our services.