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Explore Kent town walking and cycling guides

Change up your commute by leaving the car at home and using these handy maps to navigate to school or to work.

Explore Kent town walking and cycling guides aim to get Kent residents and visitors out and about on foot or by bicycle. Schools and key points of interest are clearly marked on the map as well as on and off-road cycle routes so you can see how easy it is to link up your journey and tackle the morning commute without a car.

Leaving the car at home for some trips saves money, reduces emissions and helps us stay fit and healthy as part of our daily routine.

Explore Kent also has a great selection of outdoor activities around the county, from walks and bike rides to parks and new events added every week. Children can also take part in the Explore Kent Junior Walking Challenge and earn certificates for completing walks of over 5km.

Visit the Explore Kent website or follow us on social media for all the latest news.