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Educational Visits Guidance

Increased national terror threat level.

The threat level from terrorist activity in the UK has now been raised from Severe to Critical. Information on Threat Levels can be found on the MI5 website

The Government and security services have not issued any specific travel restrictions within the UK, but have urged people to be vigilant and alert.

We do not know how long the threat level will be held at Critical level.

Kent Police advise people to remain vigilant and alert. They have advised that there is no identified threat to the South East, and are not issuing any direct advice to cancel business or educational visits in the region. Therefore we are not issuing restrictions on travel.

It is at schools’ discretion whether to consider postponing visits to London and other major cities or tourist attractions, and/or using travel by coach rather than using public transport.

In practical terms the change in threat level could mean significantly increased security on the transport system as well as at venues (e.g. bag searches, etc.) that may cause delays. Schools should speak to their travel operators, their chosen venues or public transport operators e.g. Transport for London (TfL) for further information.

Parents of pupils may be anxious and have questions regarding any plans for visits and activities, which schools should seek to address. Please contact your Area Education Officer or the Outdoor Education Unit to discuss any specific concerns that arise.

Please ensure that plans and communication systems are in place to deal with delays and other incidents; ensuring effective communication with parents and school staff to aid the management of issues and incidents if delays occur. Please also ensure that senior school staff are available to monitor the visit and react to dynamic situations if they arise (including weekends and overnight).

We do ask that all visit plans are logged on the e-Go or EVOLVE online systems to enable us to support schools effectively. Please ensure the online systems are updated if plans change - including cancellations and rescheduling of visits.

We will continue to monitor the security situation closely, and will take its lead from the Government and its agencies regarding advice and guidance for Kent schools and groups on educational visits.

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