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Diversity of Religion and Belief

A guidance and resource pack for Primary schools in England and Wales.

Diversity of religion and belief is increasingly recognised within education as a strand of social difference deserving of attention. However, Primary schools in England and Wales have not always had easy access to clear guidance on how to approach the issue. This guidance and resource pack brings together relevant policy frameworks, academic research, and good practice into a single document, also providing signposts to helpful resources in the field. It draws on expertise from across the sector, including from researchers, teaching professionals and educational organisations.

The pack provides schools with the tools to create an environment that recognises and values diversity of religion and belief, as well as deliver good quality Religious Education that promotes interfaith respect and understanding. It has been designed to speak to the particular needs and circumstances of schools with more or less diverse pupil intakes, schools with or without a religious character, and schools located in urban or rural contexts.

The guidance and resource pack is free of charge and is available to download here

The pack includes information on the following:

  • Legislative, curriculum and inspection frameworks
  • Guidance for schools:
    • Developing a whole school approach
    • Positive inter-faith relations
    • Good quality Religious Education
    • Inclusive assemblies and collective worship
    • Accommodating religious needs
    • Religious festivals and celebrations
    • Parents and the wider community
  • Curriculum resources, organisation listings, examples of displays

Peter Hemming, Elena Hailwood, Connor Stokes (Cardiff University)