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Data Centre issue affecting Cantium services to schools

An update for those affected schools.

Updated: 29 June

To date, there is no evidence that staff, pupil, parent or guardian data has been taken, but the sophisticated and complicated nature of the intrusion has meant that we are having to restore the system carefully, particularly as our detailed investigation has meant that we have to check all backup data that is held on our servers to ensure that there is no risk of a dormant attack, which is taking some time but nonetheless vital.

As we continue to restore services, we are additionally looking to enhance security. This includes migrating schools to a security enhanced cloud-based platform with multi-factor authentication so that you be assured of a security first approach to the restoration of data and services.

We are proactively contacting all impacted schools to speak to someone in person to provide them with service updates and understand the priority areas that we need to address as part of the recovery. In addition, we continue to work with all the relevant authorities to further protect against such malicious attacks in the future.

Cantium Senior Management want to reassure you that the team is working around the clock with increased and dedicated resources to recover the services affected by this incident as soon as possible.

Published: 10 June

Further to our previous communications, the major data centre outage continues to affect the following services:

  • KLZ Email
  • EIS hosted SIMS
  • SharePoint
  • Skype or VoIP
  • Remote Apps.

SIMS has been successfully restored for some schools. On Friday 11 June our dedicated support team will prioritise restoring SIMS and email and will be in contact with your school during the day to provide instructions on how to access SIMS and/or to talk through how to set up your new email service.

Please note, this will initially be limited to the ability to send and receive emails.

Your patience is appreciated whilst we work through contacting each school.

If you have any urgent queries our dedicated team will continue to be available on 03000 41 20 27. Further updates continue to be provided through the ServiceNow portal and email.

We would like to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to mitigate this service interruption and apologise for the inconvenience caused at such a busy time.