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CHUMS Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service

CHUMS feel privileged to be delivering a new service to support children, young people, young adults and parent and carers in Kent and Medway, who are affected by the impact of a bereavement on their lives.

Delighted to be providing services in Kent and Medway

As the new provider of specialist bereavement support services for under 25’s across Kent and Medway, we are encouraged by the excellent provision we have already seen during our mobilisation. Our service is for those who have more complex grief, or who may be affected by a traumatic death and are struggling to manage the impact that the death has had on their lives.

Please visit the CHUMS website and navigate to the Kent and Medway service page, where you will find our referral criteria, the portal to make a referral, and lots more useful information, including a leaflet available for sharing.

A long history of providing bereavement support

CHUMS started as a voluntary service in early 1997. In 2000, CHUMS became an NHS Bereavement Service, and since becoming an independent Social Enterprise 10 years ago, has been delivering Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Services to children and young people. We now deliver nine services across the spectrum of Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, sharing our head office in Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, with CHUMS Charity, who raise funds for additional bespoke services that we deliver.

Working in partnership to achieve maximum impact

A large part of how we deliver services is working with volunteers, those who have lived experience, and those who want to help, from driving to admin, to assisting at bereavement workshops. Without volunteers our services wouldn’t reach as many in need and wouldn’t have the same richness and depth. Over the past 25 years we have refined our delivery model based on feedback from those who have used the service. Current provision includes individual support, drop-in’s, group work, parent and carer support, crisis support and training. All delivered by CHUMS clinical therapists, supported by volunteers and our back office.

We want to be a part of the health support community in Kent and Medway, building a strong connection with the community and join what we know is a thriving, systemwide collaborative approach. Our experience elsewhere tells us that only by all services working together, can the children, young people and young adults be truly supported in a holistic, needs led way.

If you are interested in supporting CHUMS as a volunteer or on a placement then please contact CHUMS by emailing

Our accredited volunteer training courses are scheduled for the autumn and beyond, providing the necessary skills to equip you to assist, ensuring those CYP who would benefit from support, are offered timely interventions, and a containing and supportive space for when they are at their most vulnerable.

We very much look forward to working with you. CHUMS want to make a difference to those whose lives have been adversely impacted following a bereavement, offering them the support they deserve in a timely way and giving them hope for the future.