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Children’s Social Care review

Education Secretary launches review of Children’s Social Care.

An independent review of children’s social care will aim to “radically reform the system” to improve the lives of England’s most vulnerable children.

In a speech to children’s charities and sector organisations, the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, announced that he had appointed Josh MacAlister to lead the review. Former teacher, Mr MacAlister, who founded the social work charity Frontline in 2013, will step down from his role as Chief Executive to lead the review.

Mr Williamson said that the aim of the review would be to “raise the bar” for vulnerable children, by delivering on a 2019 manifesto commitment that had pledged to look at the care system to ensure that children and young adults got the support they needed. He added that the review would also reshape how children interacted with the care system, by looking at the process from referral through to becoming looked after.

The Education Secretary said that the review would address major challenges such as the increase in numbers of looked after children, the inconsistencies in children’s social care practice, outcomes across the country, and the failure of the system to provide enough stable homes for children