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Buster's Book Club

Buster's Book Club is the perfect way to get get children reading and engaged as well as competing for some really great class and school prizes!

Buster’s Book Club is a primary school initiative that encourages children to read at home with their parents or carers. It is a motivational programme that sets achievable reading targets, collective class and school rewards for achieving those targets and doesn’t just focus on set texts but actively encourages the reading of any reading material from comics to cooking instructions.

Whatever they read and whoever they read to, the minutes are recorded and added to the class total every Wednesday morning (or the day nominated by the school) and submitted to KM Charity Team's reading database.

The idea behind Buster's Book Club is to motivate children to really engage in literacy by introducing an element of friendly competition to win star reader, school and class prizes such as visits from children's authors like Steven Vinicour - director, producer and author of the "Time Travelling Toilet". Or experience days like a visit from "Creepy Claws" where the children get up
close and personal with some of the worlds oddest and creepiest creatures!

Buster's Book Club is an initiative delivered be the KM Charity Team and any school can get involved in the only motivational literacy programme in Kent and Medway where every minute counts!

Mike Ward, CEO of KM Charity Team said "Buster’s Book Club is probably more important now than it ever has been; encouraging children to engage and read more is crucial if they are ever going to catch up on all that they have missed. And the competition element really spurs them on with the best thing being they can read what they want to read - from the cooking instructions for
the night's tea to the manual of their latest game; it just makes it less of a chore and much more fun!"

The ultimate aim of BBC is to improve literacy levels for children transitioning from primary to secondary and ensure they have the fundamental skills required to succeed in other areas.

In addition the programme also promotes outcomes such as: Improved communication, concentration, vocabulary and confidence; Parents/carers are given permission to let their child develop in areas that they are interested in rather than battling with set texts; Development of a sense of community in the class with joint goals - better readers often helping others to improve;
Improved mental health and wellbeing that comes from the knowledge of succeeding and promoting a sense of self-worth.

A recent prize winner from one of the schools said "Buster’s Book Club has really incentivized our children to read more and more and you can’t beat reading!”

If you would like more information on Buster's Book Club or enroll your school, visit the KM Charity Team website