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Teen Road User Programme

KCC are pleased to announce will continue to offer the six-part programme for Teen Road Users, this is open to all Kent secondary schools.

It is so important that we provide our schools with workshops that will help them to achieve many of the core themes within the PSHE curriculum. The programme covers a number of curriculum requirements in addition to the pupils health and wellbeing.

The course specifically supports young people in Key Stage 3 and 4 and 5 to understand the key elements of road safety relevant to their age, how Active Travel could benefit them and how they can independently travel - making safer and more confident choices. Pupils research and develop their own behaviour change campaigns, focusing on road safety awareness and improving the student travel experience to and from school.

One of the key benefits of the programme, is that it empowers the students to identify specific areas they wish to change, and then supports them from idea to design brief. The best bit of the programme is that schools that complete the programme and submit a brief, can seek up to £250 to make their pupils' ideas reality. The course is offered completely virtually and can be organised as part of a focus week, or schools can arrange delivery via a session per week.

It is a free workshop offered to Kent secondary schools.

The road safety team want to reduce the number of young people who are involved in crashes significantly, and the new casualty reduction strategy Vision Zero wants to see Kent working towards that all important zero fatalities. To book a course of find out more information about the programme, contact