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Kent Hackathon 2020 - Youth Violence amongst those under 25

We are looking for your input on how we can battle youth and young adult violence.

When: 23 January 2020, 9am to 6pm
Where: Ashford International Hotel

Help us get the right people in the room, register your interest now and share this link to everyone who you think would have a valuable contribution to this subject. We want to have a real diversity in the room with youth, social workers, police, voluntary sector, etc.

Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner has received a grant to establish a Violence Reduction Unit (VRU). A partnership between Kent Police, Kent County Council, Medway Council, Public Health, National Probation and District Community Safety Partnerships has set up a Violence Reduction Unit with the grant. This Unit is looking to support a multi-agency, public health, long-term approach to prevent and tackle serious violence. Kent Hackathon 2020 is the opportunity to invite a wide variety of people within one room, challenge them to work together and come up with multiple plans for the VRU to battle violence within Kent.

During the event we will split the 150 participants in teams of five to six. Each team will get information and a challenge set around youth violence. During the whole day you will work together with your team on how to approach this challenge. Your team will be a mixture of social workers, youth, police, voluntary and community workers etc.

This hackathon is about finding creative solutions around youth violence - this does not have to involve technology.

We want to get inspired and encourage you to think out of the box, the goal of this Hackathon is that we get multiple ideas, solutions/ and approaches that the VRU can invest in. The VRU will assess and go over every idea that comes out of this Hackathon and will be able to provide funding to a number of ideas; the team that wins first prize will get £5000 to fund their plan.

The day will not only consist of you doing the hard work together with your team, we will also invite interesting speakers, serve you a delicious lunch and we will provide opportunity for networking.

Look for more information on the Eventbrite website, or email We will finalise the participant list before Christmas so register your interest now.

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