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A message from Matt Dunkley CBE:

14 December 2018 weekly update

14 December 2018

This week, Matt provides the PRU Consultation Impact Analysis Statement and Brexit Guidance Information for Schools; and announces the results from our Christmas Card competition.

Dear Colleagues

PRU Consultation: Impact Statement

As promised in my e-bulletin of 1 December, please see the Impact Analysis Statement (PDF, 129.5 KB) for the various PRU Funding Models in the Consultation paper.

This paper has been developed by the Heads of PRU’s and represents their views of the potential impact in each area. It is born out of their desire to ensure that colleague Headteachers, when responding to the consultation, are aware of their view of the potential impact of different funding models and decisions on existing PRU provision in some areas.

Understandably, their options appraisal includes their opinion of the impact of the worse-case scenario for some of them, i.e. if Headteachers and schools decide to keep and not spend the allocated funding on the PRU in the areas where such provision is currently funded. Respondents to the consultation in those areas will need to weigh up these very real fears from PRU staff about losing provision if large numbers of schools decided not to buy back in to it.

It is worth noting that all schools would be held to account for those vulnerable students and I really hope that Headteachers will continue to recognise the value of supporting and investing into our PRUs.

A reminder that the consultation will be running from now until 25 January 2019 and the consultation documents can be found here.

Brexit Guidance Information for Schools

As we get nearer to the date that the Government has determined we leave the European Union, it is prudent that schools, PRUs and Early Years settings begin to plan for the possibility of disruption that might follow our departure.

The Brexit Guidance Information for Schools (PDF, 327.6 KB) gives you clear information and I would advise that you take the initial steps to judge how ready your school will be in managing any challenges to maintain a full service to your students. It may be that there is no disruption but I believe that the suggested preparation would be beneficial in other areas of Resilience Planning, including the possibility of disruption from extreme weather or flooding.

Christmas Card Competition - the results

And finally, thank you for the entries this year. I am pleased to announce that the winners are from Herne Bay Junior and Marden Primary School. The winners will both receive a £20 book voucher.

The runners-up below will each receive a £10 book voucher.

Roger and I would like to thank all the Primary School children that entered the competition. The winning designs will be sent to all schools in Kent before the end of term.

Matt Dunkley CBE
Corporate Director
Children, Young People and Education