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Pupils with special educational needs

Home to school transport
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Children with statements of special educations needs will be considered for home to school transport under the same criteria. However, if the distance between the home and the school is less than the statutory distance for the child's age, their health, medical or social needs will be taken into account when assessing their eligibility.

Parents of SEN children can find out more about home to school transport and how to apply on

16+ travel pass for children with special educational needs
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SEN students who are transferring to further education and have received a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) Plan following the end of their statement, should, in the first instance, apply to the school college or work-based learning provider for a Kent 16+ Travel Card.

However, if their needs mean they are unable to access public transport, parents and carers can apply for transport through their local authority, completing the AW3 SEN application. This should be sent to the Transport Team at Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone ME14 1XQ who will assess the application in accordance with Kent's transport policy. SEN learners, like mainstream learners, will need to attend their nearest school or college offering the learning or courses required in order to be eligible to receive transport.

The Local Authority will assess the student's application and if the student is eligible to receive transport assistance, there are several options that can be considered

1. The Local Authority may consider the direct provision of transport where there is a particular need and/or disability.

2. The Local Authority may consider granting a student a Personal Transport Budget at its discretion. Parents can apply online to be considered for a PTB. The payment is provided to parents to use any way they see fit, which will enable them  to get their child to and from school (e.g. to pay for childcare for a younger sibling whilst taking the older child to school personally).  It is paid directly into a parent's bank account each month over 11 months (no payment is received in August due to the holidays).  FInd out more about personal transport budgets on or call the transport team on 03000 41 21 21 or email

3. The Local Authority may consider (with the school/college's recommendation and the parents' approval) Independent Travel Training.

Independent travel training helps young people with special educational needs to travel independently to school or college. Being able to access public transport provides important life skills for students. It will help students make their own decisions about how they live and what they want to achieve. Parents can apply online for their child to be considered for Independent Travel Training or call the transport team on 03000 41 21 21 or email