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2016-17 Pupil Premium Final Allocations

2016-17 Pupil Premium funding allocations have been confirmed by the EFA and are available on KELSI.

On the 1st July, the Education Funding Agency (EFA) notified the Local Authority (LA) of its schools' final 2016-17 Pupil Premium (PP) funding allocations for the below categories of Pupil Premium:

  • Ever Six Free School Meals (E6FSM)
  • Ever Six Service Children (E6SC)
  • Post Looked After Children (PLAC)

In the July 2016 advances the LA will ensure schools receive their E6FSM, E6SC and PLAC Pupil Premium due to them for the year to date and profile the remainder of their allocation to March 2017.

A Pupil Premiums grant allocations template (ZIP, 162.4 KB) has been provided to assist schools in reconciling their final PP allocation with the advances.

The conditions of the Pupil Premium Grant for 2016-17 can be found on the DfE website

The information provided by the EFA to the LA is only at school summary level (i.e. total number of pupils and the final allocation). The individual details of the pupils that make up the total PP allocation are detailed on the DfE Key to Success website, with login details being held by the school at a local level.

It is important to note that the LA does not know what the final PP allocations will be for each financial year until notified by the EFA in June each year. The responsibility for estimating PP grant income due every year lies with schools, and it is recommended that schools use the Keys to Success data and census returns in the autumn and spring to estimate future PP income.

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