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Youth Justice Service

The Youth Justice Service is responsible for assessing, planning and engaging with the 10-17 age group who have come to the attention of the Police and receive either an out of court disposal or a sentence. Ten years is the age of criminal responsibility and 18 years is when the majority of those subject to statutory supervision transfer to either the National Probation Service or the Community Rehabilitation Company, which is responsible for working with adult offenders.

In addition to its statutory duties, the Youth Justice Service also:

  • Fulfils duties to victims of crime
  • Provides restorative justice opportunities for both victims and for offenders.

Youth Justice is embedded across the work of Early Help and Preventative Services. The central Youth Justice Service focuses on court disposals and the Early Help Units focus on out of court disposals.

Contact details for the Youth Justice Service can be found by contacting a colleague within Early Help.