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Joint Assessment Meetings

The purpose of the Joint Assessment Meeting is to collaborate the professional advice as part of the Statutory EHC Needs Assessment process. JAMS involve working with parents, carers, setting staff and other professionals to jointly produce a description of a child's strengths and barriers to learning.

We ask all those involved about what they feel it would be important to achieve in the next year or two and we work together to shape these into clear, realistic and measurable outcomes. We then jointly plan the strategies and interventions that are necessary in order to achieve these outcomes.

Prior to the meeting, the Educational Psychologist may carry out observation or assessment work with the child. They will add information from this into the joint assessment, alongside information from others at the meeting, as well as asking questions during the meeting to get as full a picture of the child as possible.

The meetings generally take about two hours, but this can vary. Participants don't need to do anything to prepare for the meetings as all you need to bring is the knowledge that you already have of the child.