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SIMS information

FMS6 Healthcheck

It is essential that the information held on FMS6 is correct. The healthcheck document has been produced to enable schools to follow a step by step guide to ensure the ongoing accuracy of the system and is included in the Core Financial Package. 

SIMS procedure notes

SIMS FMS6 procedure notes are designed to explain current system and/or accounting issues that require specific routines or set-up on SIMS FMS6. They include step-by-step FMS6 procedures, where needed. All procedure notes are updated (or removed from the list) where circumstances have changed.  

Who they are for

SIMS FMS6 procedure notes are written for schools who purchase a Core Financial Support Package. They are written for all levels of financial and/or FMS6 experience and can be used in a number of ways, for example: 

  • Experienced FMS6 users may find that all they need is a prompt of the checks that are needed. 
  • Intermediate FMS6 users may be interested to extend their knowledge of how and why FMS6 records transactions. Full explanations are given wherever possible.
  • Novice FMS6 users may need step-by-step FMS6 instructions - these are provided for all routines. 

CFR codes guidance

Schools purchasing a Core Financial Package can obtain procedure notes from Schools Financial Services on 03000 415 415.

5. E-Mailing/Exporting SIMS Reports 

6. Corporate (Purchase) Cards 

7. Transfer of Deficit Rollovers  

9. Devolved Formula Capital      

11c. Adding New Ledger Codes to the KCC Reconciliation Report 

12b. Adding New Ledger Codes to the KCC Income/Expenditure Report 

16. To Add ledger code ROVERDEF - 62 

17. To Add ledger code ROVERDEF - 01

18. To Add Ledger Code UNADEF-01

19. To Add Control Code PAYCO

20. Advance Salary Payments

23. To Add Ledger Code UNADEF- 62

33. Extended School Activity Codes

35. Adding a new bank account

The following procedures up to number 41 are for Voluntary Aided schools only

A. Accounting for Voluntary Aided Capital - Overview

B. The Formula Capital Bank Account - Controls 

35a. Adding a new bank account Voluntary Aided schools

36. Users of Formula Capital bank accounts not linked to FMS6 Year End 

37. To add ledger code ROVER 63

38. Voluntary Aided Capital Funds

39. KCC Income & Expenditure report for Voluntary Aided schools

41. Reconciliation report for Voluntary Aided schools

42. VAT Automation for FMS6 Schools (Revised August 2014)

43. VAT Returns - VAT Tolerances Correction 

44. To add signature & date fields to existing reconciliation report

45. Writing off Historic VAT Balances

46. ProForma Invoices

48. To Change Default VAT Codes on Ledger Codes

49. Adding a New VAT Code (15%)

50. Edit the description of code YECREDIT and add Ledger code YECAPCRE 

51. Printing the VAT Short Summary Report and Reconciling VAT Control codes  

55. VAT Indicators on Cash Book Journals

56. To change default VAT codes on delegated budget income codes

57. New VAT ledger codes for EU Acquisitions and Despatches services only 

58. To change default VAT codes on Rollover (ROVER) codes 

59. Edit the description of code YEDEBTOR and add Ledger Code YECAPDEB 

60. Manual Journal Processing of Recurring Payments 

61. Standard VAT Rate Change - Adding new VAT Ledger Codes (20%)

62. To change the description of ledger codes for CFR changes

63. Tidy up of FMS6 Structure and KCC User Defined Reports

64. Cashback Scheme

65. Cycle to Work Scheme

66. London Games Funding

67. Adding Ledger Code I18

68. Year 7 Catch Up 14 Feb 2013

69. Year End Income Prepayments

70. Year End Expenditure Prepayments

71. STLS Funding

73. Exporting the FMS6 CEA

76. Exporting and Importing User Defined Reports