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Gypsy, Roma, Traveller (GRT) and Minority Ethnic support

The Education Engagement Officers work with families, schools and other agencies to help vulnerable learners from the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller and Minority Ethnic Communities, including New Arrivals, access and sustain education. This collaboration, promotes equality of opportunity and potential for success.

Ofsted have found the GRT community remain the highest underachieving ethnic minority in Kent. Furthermore many Gypsy, Roma, Traveller pupils will not disclose their ethnicity due to fear of persecution coming from places of origin where by segregation still exists and they are ostracized in their communities. Even British Gypsy and Irish travellers are hesitant to declare this due to fears of bullying and isolation. This often means these communities are hard to engage and the emerging change in community diversity across the county supports the need for KCC to provide this unique service.

Service Offer
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  • Gypsy, Roma Traveller and Minority Ethnic liaison with parents and schools
  • Outreach visits to families
  • Mediation between school and family due to relationship breakdown
  • Work in partnership with School Liaison Officers, school Family Liaison Officers, Early Help workers, Children Centres and other agencies
  • Child Missing Education (CME) - tracking, home visits and identifying school places
  • Elective Home Education advice
  • Assisting with appeals - appeal letters and panel meetings
  • Assisting with transport issues and appeals
  • Support with transition arrangements to new schools, managed moves and access to further education
  • Conducting Gypsy, Roma and Traveller drop ins
  • Consultation for advice about cultural issues and barriers to education
  • Initial support for new arrivals
  • Advising and supporting young people who are at risk of not accessing education, employment or training opportunities.