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A message from Christine McInnes:

29 April 2022 weekly update

29 April 2022

This week, Christine updates on the launch of KCC's 16 to 19 Review Pathways for All and the SEND transformation programme.

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday I was very proud to be part of the launch of KCC’s 16 to 19 Review Pathways for All. Following opening remarks from Leader of the Council Roger Gough, Cabinet Member Shellina Prendergast and DCS Matt Dunkley, a diverse range of 120 participants engaged in workshops which will shape the implementation plan.

The recommendations are challenging, but the current policy context as well as the local political commitment and the engagement of leaders across the sector are a great start. A huge thank you to Education Lead Adviser Michelle Stanley and her team, members of the steering group and all of those that have been involved in this research. But as someone said at the end of the event - the hard work starts now!

I know that you will have been as dismayed as I to read the article in the Kent Messenger about SEND.

You will know that far from blaming schools, our approach is that improvement is a joint enterprise and we all have an important and inter-related role to play. I have been determined to get a view of strengths and challenges in early years, schools and post 16 settings, hence my visits, and I have seen the commitment and hard work which is taking place day after day and I have shared this with you. We are monitoring references to SEND in Ofsted inspection reports and it is really encouraging to read about the great practice which is going on. School engagement in the SEND transformation programmes have been impressive. We have a long way to go, but the important thing is we are on the way.

It is not appropriate for me to say much else here but that I very much hope this article does not undermine the important developing relationship of trust between us. If you have concerns, please contact me directly as I am happy to discuss further.

Best wishes

Christine McInnes
Director of Education