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A message from Matt Dunkley CBE:

22 March 2019 weekly update

22 March 2019

This week, Matt introduces changes to the Kent Scheme pay award, pay scales and annual leave from 1 April.

Dear Colleagues

Annual Kent Scheme pay award from 1 April

Moderation for the 2018-2019 TCP cycle has been completed and the annual Kent Scheme pay award is now confirmed by the County Council. Although the financial pressures continue, Members were keen to ensure that the vital contribution staff make towards the successful running of the organisation and our Schools is recognised.

The recognised Trades Unions are currently balloting their members on the overall award.

Pay scales

As part of this, the top of the Kent Scale pay bands have been increased by at least 1.3%.

For those at KR2 it means an increase to £9 per hour or £17,364, which is above the National Living Wage of £8.21.

From grade KR3 and above, there is to be a difference of at least £1,200 between the top of each successive grade. Also, there is pay gap between the top of one grade and the bottom of the next which helps make the distinction between grades clearer.

View the Kent Scheme Pay Scale for 2019-20 here (PDF, 13.9 KB).

All Kent Maintained schools (Community, Controlled, Foundation and Aided Schools) which follow Kent Scheme are required to apply these increase and new grade bandings. Kent Academies which follow Kent Scheme conditions have discretion as to whether to apply these increases.

Current School Allowances

The school allowances available to support staff have also been increased by 1.3%. Details of the new allowances can be found here (PDF, 55.3 KB).

Total Contribution Pay Assessment Rating Awards (TCP) for Kent Scheme Terms and Conditions

As in previous years Kent schools continue to be able to exercise local discretion regarding the percentage increases applied to each of the performance ratings where the Governing body has made provision within their pay policy to do so. For more information, ask your Line Manager or Headteacher in the first instance.

Changes to annual leave

In addition, the Kent Scheme annual leave arrangements are being improved for many. This is the result of pay bargaining negotiations between the recognised trade unions and KCC.

The provision is simpler, more easily understood and applies on a pro-rata basis for part-time and term-time only workers. The Concessionary Day remains.

New arrangements are:

Kent Scheme GradeStandard Allowance (days)After 5 years’ service and over (days)
KR 2-82528
KR 9-122730
KR 13+3030

Matt Dunkley CBE
Corporate Director
Children, Young People and Education