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A message from Matt Dunkley CBE:

22 March 2018 weekly update

22 March 2018

This week, Matt introduces our recently refreshed strategy for vulnerable learners; and summarises the upcoming KAH elections and annual conference.

Dear Colleagues,

Vulnerable Learners Strategy

Recently, CYPE Cabinet Committee approved the refreshed Vulnerable Learners Strategy which sets out the achievements since its publication in April 2016.

The strategy identifies the priorities and actions to help disadvantaged vulnerable learners overcome their barriers to learning. It shows examples of good practice in the use of Pupil Premium and outlines the most effective strategies that are having some impact in narrowing the achievement gaps and prioritising greater social mobility.

I hope you will find this strategy useful and we will continue to update it to ensure you have most relevant information.

Kent Association of Headteachers 2018-20

As you know, the KAH exists to establish a school-led sustainable self-improving system in Kent, through a strategic partnership between all schools, the KMTSN, the Local Authority and other partners. I have now had the opportunity to attend the latest Area Board Meetings and as a member of the KAH Executive Board I can see first hand the links that are being forged throughout the county and the important work that is undertaken. It is vital as we move forward more collaboratively, that we encourage engagement and the opportunity for different Headteachers to apply for the Area Board positions in the forthcoming KAH elections.

A reminder that the KAH has four Area Boards, each serving three Districts, and responsible for supporting the improvement of their schools. Membership of the Area Boards includes the following representatives:

  • the Headteachers of two Primary schools in each District;
  • the Headteacher of one Secondary school in each District;
  • the Headteacher of one Special school in the Area;
  • the Headteacher of one PRU in the Area.

New Area Boards will be needed for the period 2018-20 and appointments will be made within the current school year. Details of elections for members will be published in April, and self-nominations are invited.

For further information, please look on the KAH website

KAH Conference 2018

And finally, KAH is committed to providing a range of leadership opportunities for Headteachers who are part of our Association. A key opportunity is at the annual KAH Headteachers conference which is on 22 November 2018 at Ashford International Hotel.

Please can I encourage you to save this date and consider who you can bring with you from your leadership team?

The focus will be on our most valuable resource - people. How we attract, support and grow individuals to lead vibrant learning communities where people can thrive. We’ll be looking at the pressing issues of recruiting and retaining teachers but through a fresh lens, and we have an exciting range of familiar and new speakers to inspire and challenge us:

  • Steve Munby - Values-led Leadership
  • Alison Peacock - Inspiring teachers and a love of pedagogy
  • Diana Osagie - Characteristics of courageous leadership
  • Natasha Devon - Positive Mental Health

More speakers to be confirmed

We will also be entertained by children from the Dartford choral project - a Dartford area schools choir. This will be a truly uplifting performance.

Please save the date 22 November and more information will follow shortly. In the meantime, we would be delighted to hear from you about what you would like to focus on within this theme.

Please check the KAH website for future updates.

Matt Dunkley CBE
Corporate Director
Children, Young People and Education