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A message from Matt Dunkley CBE:

18 January 2018 weekly update

18 January 2018

This week, Matt summarises the recently approved Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent 2018-2022 and introduces the 2018 Pearson Teaching Awards.

Education Commissioning Plan 2018-2022

The Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent 2018-2022 has been approved by Cabinet this week and is now available on the website. This is a five year rolling plan which is updated annually. It sets out how Kent discharges its statutory responsibilities, as the Strategic Commissioner of Education Provision, to provide sufficient Early Years, SEND, Primary and Secondary school places and to ensure that there are appropriate learning pathways at Post 16.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we have enough school places in the right locations to meet the demands of increasing pupil numbers and parental preferences. The plan is a ’live’ document which underpins the dynamic process of ensuring there are sufficient places for Kent children in schools and other provisions and the contents reflect regular discussion and consultation with schools, District Councils, Local Elected Members, Diocesan Authorities and others.

There have been significant increases in the birth rate, birth numbers and inward migration as other demographic changes over recent years which require substantial increases in the provision of school places in the coming years. The plan sets out the principles by which we determine proposals and it forecasts the need for future provision, it also sets out plans to meet the commissioning needs which arise in each district in Kent in more details for the next two to three years.

The number of Primary age pupils is expected to continue rising significantly from 123,027 in 2016-17 to 128,905 in 2021-22, which is just over 6,000 additional pupils over the next five years.

The number of Secondary age pupils (Years 7-11) in Kent schools is expected to rise significantly from 79,110 in 2016-17 to 91,520 in 2021-22.

This plan identified the need for additional permanent and temporary schools places each year as follows:

by 2018-19by 2019-20by 2020-21between
2021-22 and 2023-24

1.1FE permanent
30 Year R

10FE permanent
400 Year 7

6.67FE permanent
30 Year R

22.3FE permanent
330 Year 7

18.8FE permanent

18FE permanent
90 Year 7 places

43.4FE permanent

34FE permanent
60 Year 7 places

Total of 70FE* Primary places across the planned period, 60 temporary Year R places.

Total of 84FE* Secondary places across the planned period and 880 temporary Year 7 places.

*All figures rounded to the nearest 0.5FE.

As has happened in previous years, much of the additional provision will be achieved by expanding existing schools. While in many cases the need for new and expanded schools is dependent on future housing, the increase in demand for education places continues to be significant.

The impact of delays in the delivery of Wave 11 and 12 free schools by the ESFA as well as the postponement of Wave 13 means that we now face the need to put additional temporary measures in place and run competition processes for some new schools although a lack of suitable sponsors is likely to remain a significant issues.

As is normal practice, the plan will be reviewed, updated and published annually. In the meantime, on behalf of the management team, I would like to thank all schools that have agreed to expand to help deliver the increased provision.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the plan or you wish to consider expansion in the future in the areas of need, please contact, Director of Education planning and Access.

2018 Pearson Teaching Awards

The Pearson Teaching Awards is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year - often known as the “Oscars for Teachers”, the Awards recognise and celebrate the exceptional and life changing work of teachers across the country. To give your school and your amazing colleagues a change to receive national recognition in such a special year go to the Teaching Awards website

Ways you can get involved:

Key Dates

  • The Thank You deadline is March 9 2018 - Thank yous are accepted all year round but those received after March 10 2018 are eligible for the following year’s Awards
  • The Entry deadline for the 2018 awards is March 16 2018
  • The judging period is between April and May
  • The Silver Winners are announced on Thank a Teacher Day on 15 June 2018
  • The Silver winners are celebrated at an event on the Terrace at the House of Commons early July
  • The UK Ceremony is televised by October.

Pearson Teaching Award Categories 2018

  1. The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year
  2. The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School
  3. The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School
  4. The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School
  5. The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School
  6. The Award for Special Needs Teacher of the Year
  7. The Award for FE Team of the Year
  8. The Award for FE Lecturer of the Year
  9. The Award for Teaching Assistant of the year
  10. The Award for Outstanding use of Technology in Education
  11. The Award for Lifetime Achievement
  12. The Award for ‘Making a Difference’ - Transformational School of the Year

If you have a colleague who is brilliant at their job, I invite you to nominate them for the 2018 Pearson Teaching Awards.

Matt Dunkley CBE
Corporate Director
Children, Young People and Education