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Education Safeguarding Service

The Education Safeguarding Service provides support, guidance and challenge to schools, early years settings and education providers to ensure that children are kept safe and their welfare is promoted, as required by Section 175 of the Education Act 2002

Statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018)Keeping Children Safe in Education and Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-Agency Partnership (KSCMP) procedures help to inform the work of the service and any good practice guidance that is developed.

Other core functions include:

  • Provision of lead professional advice to education and early years staff on child welfare, policy, online safety or safe working practice issues
  • Provision of a child protection policy template and acceptable use policy templates for education settings
  • Publication of a child protection newsletter providing critical information and updates for schools and settings
  • Policy lead, monitor and report on care standards in local authority residential special school provision under Standard 20 of the NMS.

Non-statutory services that can be commissioned from the Education Safeguarding Service for a fee include:

For more advice or to discuss commissioning a service, please contact the Education Safeguarding Service