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Managing staff allegations

County Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) Services
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The County LADO Service deals with allegations against staff who work with children either in education or the wider children's workforce. If you need to speak to the LADO Service regarding an allegation against a member of staff please contact on the Contact and Referral Officers or complete a referral form. Your details will be taken and passed to the LADO on duty. The same LADO will support you through the process until the matter has been resolved.

Referral Forms

LADO Contact Details

County LADO Service: 03000 41 08 88

If a call is urgent i.e. a child is in immediate danger and requires safeguarding, call 03000 41 11 11.

If a call is urgent and outside of office house call 03000 41 91 91.

LADO Feedback Form

The LADO feedback form is for all professionals and parents and carers who use the LADO service and wish to provide feedback.

Allegations relating to the wider children's workforce (Local Authority Designated Officer)
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Kent Guidance for Schools and Settings
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National Guidance
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